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Great school with a balanced multicultural mix of well-adjusted students. The campus is clean, modern and well designed so that there is minimum mixing between the age groups, and kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school all have their own spaces. Good facilities including fields, basketball courts, and Olympic sized swimming pool for sports, and theatres, studios, computer labs, etc. At OFS, you may not get the "frills" like rock-climbing walls, etc., but the school invests in areas that matter the most to most students. It offers 14 Mother Tongue languages as part of the curriculum, taught by full-time language teachers, unlike some other international schools where Mother Tongue is taught after school for additional cost and by external suppliers. It also has a very well-structured English study support program for kids who are entering the school with little or no English, also provided at no cost. I also appreciate that the school does not force our kids to buy school-branded school bags, etc. from them just to make more money from parents. My kids haven't graduated yet, but the school consistently produces IB top scorers and Top of the World IGCSE scorers, so students are provided the right environment and preparation to perform well in exams if they are so inclined.

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