Best International Schools Singapore 2021

Best International Schools in Singapore – Rated by Parents 2021

A lot has happened and changed since we published the last Ranking of International Schools in Singapore – Rated by Parents in 2019. Unexpected and drastically, Covid has had a worldwide impact and questioned many of our most basic habits and principles. Education was no exception, and for many months pupils and students found themselves learning from home and in front of a screen.

How did your school react to the pandemic? Do you think it was handled with agility and efficiency? Did your school focus on the academic part of learning? Did your school pay enough attention to the well-being of the students? Ultimately, has your perception of your school changed?

All your opinions are welcome and displayed on our platform, becoming an additional and helpful source of information on International Schools. According to the reviews and ratings submitted to SCHOOL IN before April 2021, these are the best and most reviewed International Schools in Singapore.

Rankings International Schools Singapore 2021
NOTE: For the purpose of this comparison, only International Schools with a minimum of 3 reviews are taken into account. Full list of ratings and reviews can be found here.


As shown in the table, ratings are collected for ten different criteria or aspects related to International Schools. The weight of each of them may vary depending on your personal assessment, and that’s why we display the ratings in full detail.

Below, there is a short description of the content of each criterium that may help you to analyse the results.



Central location and/or easy access.

One campus or several campuses.

School bus service.


Reasonable range of foreign languages.

An adequate level of foreign languages.

Accreditation and/or training of foreign language teachers.


Suitable curriculum for your children.

The level of academic integrity of the school.

The school’s emphasis on academics.

Percentage of higher than average grades.

Overall teaching quality.


Quality of the school facilities.

The buildings and facilities are clean and well maintained.

Adequate facilities such as canteen, library, swimming pool, computer labs, art rooms, etc.

Available and well-organized resources: musical instruments, books, lab equipment, etc.


Number of nationalities and different backgrounds.

School support towards the integration of new students.

An adequate attitude of the school community towards foreigners.

Proper resources to address a child’s special needs.


Availability of after-school sports, clubs, and activities.

Accessible and organised resources to run the activities & sports.

Qualified and well-trained teachers/trainers.

Organisation of the school trips programme.

Grade of student engagement with these programmes.


Use of uniform.

Clear policies regarding security and discipline.

Proper school nurse services.

Adequate emergency procedures.

Adequate communication policy between teachers and parents.

Parents can contribute and get involved with the school.


Good value for money.

Fees are published with no hidden cost.

Fees include no extra charges for uniforms, textbooks, stationery, or excursions.

Financial aids, scholarships, and discounts in place.


Adequate use of technology.

The implementation of up-to-date technology.

The teachers’ knowledge of technology.


Effective administration.

Friendly attitude of the staff.

Staff turnover rate.

These ratings, Best International Schools in Singapore – Rated by Parents 2021, are only possible thanks to our community of parents and their contributions. With each and every review, they offer other parents something unique – their personal experience as a member of that school community.



Reviews International Schools Singapore


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