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List of International Schools in Shanghai – Reviews & Ratings

Shanghai is one the most modern and culturally diverse cities in China. It is located on the central coast, along the Yangtze River Delta and near the South China Sea. The meaning of its name alludes directly to it being “Above/Upon the Sea”.With a population of just under 25 million people, Shanghai is the most populated city in China and one of the world’s largest cities.Shanghai became a global financial hub as many multinational companies have their Asian Headquarters there, meaning that Shanghai has a huge and very dynamic expat community. English language is very common in Shanghai, partly due to it being a global hub, but also because the language is taught very early in the Shanghai school system.

The number of international schools in Shanghai is growing; due to the extension of the city and the commuting time, the location of international schools is a key element to consider when choosing the school. Look at the map to find out where the most popular international schools are located.

Most expat families send their children to an international school. While there is an extensive range of international schools for expats to choose from, the options are limited for those foreign families who are required to pay school fees directly from their own pocket.

The international schools in Shanghai offer all kinds of curriculum options: from Montessori kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, following the International Baccalaureate (IB), to American, European, or German curricula, just to mention some of them.

At SCHOOL IN, we understand it can be tough and overwhelming to find the right school for your family, especially in a new country. The list of international schools above includes ratings and comments from parents and alumni, who went through the same experience and can assist your decision.

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