Best International Schools in Singapore – Rated by Parents

We might be used to reading articles about the Best International Schools in Singapore, however, it is not clear how the selection of schools has been made or which criteria have been taken into account. Could it perhaps be a marketing campaign sponsored by the schools themselves?

Best International Schools in Singapore

Our list of Top 10 International Schools in Singapore is based on the evaluation given freely by those who know the schools best, with only the interest of helping other parents on their search for schools. Parents, employees and alumni are welcome to rate and review the international schools they know according to 10 criteria: Location, Facilities, Academic & Curriculum, Languages, Technology Use, Activities & Sports, Diversity, Fees & Social Profile, Regulations, and Administrative.


The following are the top-rated or Best International Schools in Singapore as of March 2019:

1. Stamford American International School -Early Years Village Campus – Average Rating 4.7/5

Best International Schools in Singapore - Stamford American The Stamford American International School offers the American and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum in two locations in Singapore. The school received its highest rating for the newest campus located in Chuan Lane, a Secondary Road in Serangoon Garden. Some of the parents’ comments include:

-“The children receive a cultural enrichment due to the diverse nationalities present at the school”,

-“One of the best things about this school is not the facilities (which are amazing), but the people who work there”.

2. French School in Singapore – Average Rating 4.5/5

The French School in Singapore (or Lycée Français de Singapour) is a private school, certified by the French Ministry of National Education and bound by a convention to the French government. It provides a formal education for students, from Kindergarten to High School, not only to French students residing in Singapore, but also to students of all nationalities who are not French-speakers. This is an example of a parents’ comment:

-“Very good and experienced teachers. Many sports facilities: sports fields, swimming pools, gymnasiums, a stadium, climbing wall, etc.
Several technological laboratories equipped with the most modern materials.
English programme at primary level and an international stream at middle and high school. Strong focus on languages: Mandarin, Spanish, German and Latin.
Language exams: IGCSE, APTIS, DELF, IELTS, YCT and HSK level for Mandarin.
Two large campuses”.

3. EtonHouse International School – Broadrick – Average Rating 4.5/5Best International Schools in Singapore - Eton House

The EtonHouse International Education Group is headquartered in Singapore and has several private centres for children, from Playgroup to Secondary. It offers a comprehensive programme, the IB Programme, and IGCSE examinations.

This is what one parent said about the centre of EtonHouse in Broadrick:

-“We have loved this school for five years now. Children are taught effectively and it has an informal, friendly, welcoming and nurturing environment. Most importantly, it is diverse, yet inclusive. The school listens to and addresses parents’ concerns”.

4. Tanglin Trust School – Average Rating 4.4/5

Tanglin Trust School in Singapore has a long tradition of providing British-based learning with an international perspective for students from 3 years of age to High School. It also offers the IGCSE examinations and the IB Diploma. These are some comments from parents:

-“They have high quality of teaching, high quality of IT, high quality of sports and extra curriculum”,

-“Big school and busy environment”.

5. Singapore American School – Average Rating 4.4/5

Best International Schools in Singapore - Singapore American SchoolSingapore American School (SAS) is a private school for expats in Singapore; it offers personalised learning, modern courses and US-based curriculum to students in pre-k through to grade 12. Find some comments from parents here:

-“My child has sparked many interests after enrolling at this school”,

-“The school has a world-class curriculum, extremely impressive course selections and dedicated staff. It has definitely been worth the money”.

6. Dover Court International School – Average Rating 4.4/5

Dover Court International School was founded in Singapore in 1972 and is one of the leading inclusive British international schools in South East Asia. Dover Court is a Nord Anglia Education school, which means it’s part of a group of over 61 international schools, boarding schools and private schools located in 28 countries around the world. Here is one example of what parents think:

-“The best decision that we could make was to choose this school for our little one. He loves the school!”

7. Overseas Family School – Average Rating 4.3/5

Best International Schools in Singapore - Overseas International SchoolOverseas Family School (OFS) is a private International School in Singapore that opened in 1991. It offers the International Primary Curriculum for students 2 years old through to Grade 5, and the International Baccalaureate (IB) for Secondary and High School. Take a look at what parents say about this school:

– “We are so happy with how they welcome kids and the learning methods from elementary to high school”.

8. UWCSEA – Dover Campus – Average Rating 4.2/5

United World College South East Asia (UWCSEA) is a private International School, founded in Singapore in 1971. It became a full member of the UWC Movement in 1975. It offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum from Kindergarten through to High School on two campuses: Dover Campus and East Campus. The highest rating is for the Dover Campus. These are some comments from parents:

– “It is a very good school in terms of activities, sports, facilities and curriculum/teaching”,

– “Education is not only focused on academic challenges, values are very important and students are encouraged to be engaged in community activities to develop concern for others and for the planet”.

Best International Schools - Odyssey The Global Preschool9. Odyssey The Global Preschool – Still Road – Average Rating 4.2/5

Odyssey The Global Preschool is a private International School in Singapore; it has four different locations, which provides education for children from 2 months of age till Primary School. It is an accredited IB World School offering the Primary Years Programme (PYP). This is a comment from one parent:

“The facilities are amazing, everything very clean and the teachers take good care of the children”.

10. Global Indian School – Average Rating 4.2/5

Global Indian International School (GIIS) is a private International School in Singapore which offers several curricula: the Montessori Programme, the IB Programme from Primary School to the IB Diploma, IGCSE examinations, and the Indian Curriculum. It has four campuses in Singapore:

Queenstown Campus from Early Years to High School,

East Coast Campus from Early Years to Secondary School,

Balestier Campus for Early Years, and

Primary School Mountbatten Campus for Early Years/Kindergarten.


These are only a few examples of the information available for free on our platform SCHOOL IN. Find out more about other highly rated Best International Schools in Singapore and around the world.

If you haven’t done so yet, we encourage you to join our community and contribute with your own opinions and experiences.


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Hi Vandana. Thank you very much for your question. We appreciate your concern and contribution. The international schools listed in our platform SCHOOL IN ( are only rated by parents, employees and alumni. To ensure this, reviewers need to register previously at SCHOOL IN and thus to avoid fake reviews. Reviewers can opt to choose a nickname that does not identify them, and publish their contribution anonymously. Reviewers rate the schools according to ten criteria that you can read here: We encourage you to share your opinion on Stamford American International School at our platform SCHOOL IN ( We’d love to get your feedback on the platform and how we can make it better. Please do not hesitate to come back to us if you have any other question. We share the same purpose: Provide transparent and trustful information about international schools.

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I would like to know how you rate your schools please/ I have been a parent at Stamford American and it is just TERRIBLE. If you look at parent forums, they are so low too. Other great schools are ranked much lower. It seems a bit contrived. Could you explain the authenticity of your ranking please?


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