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We believe that education matters most – just as you do!

If your plan is for 1 year, plant rice
If your plan is for 10 years, plant trees
If your plan is for 100 years, educate children

– Confucius –


We have trusted personalised recommendations – just what you need!

At SCHOOL IN, you get personalised recommendations from parents who have tried the schools that you are interested in. You get specific information to clear your doubts as well as to enhance your understanding of each international school and what they offer. These are valuable information that you cannot get from school websites.

We are parents who faced the same difficulties when moving abroad – just like you!

We faced our own difficulties in finding international schools for our children when we moved abroad. Therefore, we want to help other parents facing the same difficulties by providing a platform where information can be freely shared.

International School Decision

Without a doubt, the biggest concern for parents about their children is their health. Apart from their health, parents also have to make difficult decisions about the education of their children and how it will impact their future.


These decisions are especially difficult for parents that are relocating. Often they are challenged by a new environment and culture, sometimes even a new language, and they have to choose from different options of curriculum and/or educational systems.


In these situations, parents need to trust the information available to them, usually listings of international schools and sponsored recommendations. However, it has become difficult for parents to find unbiased recommendations and reviews of international schools given by other parents, based on their real experiences.


We cannot forget that every child is different, so each child’s needs differ as well. What works well for one child in terms of curriculum, size, or academic demands might not work for other children.


International school reviews are a critical source of information for parents, providing them with valuable details which are otherwise not available. Each review of an International school gives them a real inside feeling of what their children might find when starting at this new school.


SCHOOL IN Reviews offers parents who are looking for the right school for their children access to all these valuable comments and real experiences from other parents. The reviews and ratings are listed on SCHOOL IN Reviews as they are submitted, respectfully, but with no censorship.


Unlike other websites, at SCHOOL IN Reviews there is no need to register or pay any fee to read the reviews. We work to ensure this information is accessible and easy to find.


At SCHOOL IN Reviews we prioritize protecting you from automatic computer-generated fake reviews by validating each reviewer at point of sign-up.


SCHOOL IN Reviews has collected all the available information that other parents share. These parents understand and feel empathetic with your situation and have decided to help you by sharing their own experiences and writing their international school reviews. Let’s take this opportunity to show them our gratitude. Thank you all!
SCHOOL IN Reviews, International Schools Reviews and Ratings

We are here to help parents make the right decision for their children’s education

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