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Tokyo is a phenomenal city that perfectly combines the most modern and tech designs, buildings and infrastructures, with the ancient and rich Japanese traditions and temples.

Two factors highlight this mix: The first settlement in Tokyo dates from around 3000 B.C. Now neon lights can be seen everywhere – Tokyo probably has more neon signs than any other city in the world!

Tokyo, also known as the Tokyo Metropolis, is the capital city of Japan. It is located in approximately the centre of the Japanese archipelago. It is a huge metropolis with a population of more than 35 million people, which makes it one of the most densely populated in the world.

The Japanese taste and minimalism has influenced the city’s architecture; displays of useful and practical residential buildings, offices and temples emphasise the exquisite simplicity of line and space. It is important to mention the Imperial Palace, the Tokyo Tower and the Disneyland Park – Disney’s first park outside the US!

Tokyo, and Japan, provide one of the most delicious and delicate cuisines, from the best sushi and sashimi, to tempuras and Kobe beef, amongst others. In fact, Tokyo is home to a number of Michelin three-star restaurants and has some of the most expensive and top-rated restaurants in the world.

Away from luxurious dining, Tokyo is a hectic city with long working and commuting hours. The transport system is amazingly organised, considering it is extremely busy and allows millions of Japanese residents and tourists to transit through the city. As a curiosity, Shinjuku station is one of the largest and busiest railway stations in the world; it sees more than 3.5 million passengers passing through the station each day.

In spite of its busyness, Tokyo is a very safe city, with one of the lowest crime rates per capita among the major cities of the world.

However, and despite the surrounding modernity, English is not widely spoken in the city. Some basic knowledge of Japanese is highly recommended when living there.

If you are moving to Tokyo as a family, one of the biggest concerns will be your child’s education. Finding the right school for your child is always difficult, but it becomes even harder when you are moving to a foreign country. Hopefully the information that we provide at SCHOOL IN will make your decision a little bit easier.

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