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List of International Schools in Year Level: Early Years / Kindergarten

List of International Schools in Athens – Reviews & Ratings

Athens is an amazing city with a strong personality. Its streets, “tabernas”, and shops are full of history, traditions and culture; take the time to explore, learn and enjoy them. In a way, time stops in Athens. Do not expect to enjoy it with typical tourist eyes; you need to look beyond.

Athens is the capital city of Greece and one of the oldest cities in the world, with over 3400 years of history. Classical Athens was significant for the arts and philosophy, with Plato and Aristotle taking centre stage. It was also the birthplace of democracy, having a huge cultural and political impact on the European continent.

The city grew incredibly quick from less than 500 thousand inhabitants in 1920, when approximately 1,500,000 Greeks came home from Asia Minor. The city began to spread in two directions; south toward the Piraeus Port and north toward the village of Kifisiá, one of the admirable residential areas.

Currently the municipality of Athens has an official population of approximately 700,000 people, while the Athens Metropolitan Areas, which sprawls over the whole peninsula of Attica, is around 4 million people.

Athens is well known for its Acropolis and the Parthenon as the central city landmark, but Athens has much more to offer. From the central neighborhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki, Likabetus or Kolonakito, to the seaside areas of Glifada and Voula, to the northern districts of Kifissia or Politia, Athens is a city full of life and activities to enjoy.

There are a number of international schools in Athens. They are also very popular among wealthy Greeks, as the best option for their children to access an English language university is mostly in the UK. At SCHOOL IN you can find a good list of the most relevant international schools, including nursery, primary, secondary and high school, as well as the different curriculums: US curriculum, International Baccalaureate or British Curriculum, among others. Language of instruction is usually in English, but it can also be German, French, and many more.

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