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Are you looking for affordable international schools in Asia?

Expatriates working in Asia often choose to send their children to international schools. It is of essence that these children have access to schools with an international focus so that they don’t get left behind when they return home.

As world economies improve, international schools become a status marker for affluent local families. It is no longer just the expatriates who need these schools. Local wealthy parents aspire to give their children the benefits of international education and believe that receiving education from such a school will prepare their children for future overseas education.

However, the expensive tuition fees for most international schools in Asia give both expatriates and affluent local families a hard time. The high fees, coupled with hidden costs, often make such education inaccessible.

As the demand increases with limited supply, it gives rise to a new type of international school that caters to both expatriates and affluent local families. These new schools focus on the learning journey and reduce the need for extravagant facilities and classrooms. The results are lower tuition fees and less (or no) hidden costs.

Here are five schools across Asia that provide an international education without the high tuition fees.


Singapore, Affordable International Schools:

Singapore is an affluent country with a high GDP. Parents are generally well-educated, and the country’s state is well-known for its rigid structure in national education. Some parents rejected the local educational system and turned their focus to international schools.


  1. Middleton International School  Affordable international schools

Middleton International School operates under the larger Eton House International Education Group. Opened in 2017, it aims to provide affordable international education to expatriates and local families in Singapore.

The fees are capped at SGD$18,000 a year, or SGD$1,500 a month, making international education more affordable. The school offers primary education from age 7 to 11 years, and follows the UK National Curriculum and Singapore MOE standards for Mathematics and Chinese. It also intends to offer more language options as the school community grows.


  1. One World International School

One World International School (OWIS) operates under the Global Schools Foundation. The school commits to providing a world-class education for its students and is recognised by the Singapore government as a “moderately-priced international school”.

The tuition fees are approximately 60% lower than the average costs for international schools in Singapore, capped at around SGD$20,000 per annum. OWIS offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum leading to the IGCSE examinations in secondary school. It also provides a comprehensive IB curriculum for early childhood education.


  1. The Grange Institution

Affordable international schoolsThe Grange Institution is a relatively new school with a new concept. The school uses multi-functional facilities to reduce operational costs and passes these savings on to parents.

As a new school, The Grange is offering an introductory full year’s tuition at US$11,593 (approximately SGD$15,840). The total upfront enrolment fee is SGD$3080 and covers the student’s uniform, field trips for the year, and a library bag. The school offers quality, international primary education using the Cambridge School curriculum.



Hong Kong, Affordable International Schools:

Hong Kong is well known as one of the most expensive countries to live in for expatriates. In fact, the city often vies with Singapore for the top spot as the most expensive city in the world. While the title may be an exaggeration, the residents in the city need to contend with the rising cost of living every year. International schools are expensive and out of reach for most local families.


  1. HKCA Po Leung Kuk School

HKCA Po Leung Kuk School
The HKCA Po Leung Kuk School opened in 2017. Established by a charitable organisation, it is operated as a “non-profit” international school. The organisation behind the school offers educational services at more than 120 schools in Hong Kong. The people behind the school have reliable experience and gained the trust of local families who hope to provide their children with international education.

The annual tuition fees for HKCA stands at US$11,492 (approximately HK$89,900). This is competitive when compared to the average tuition fees of US$15,339 (about HK$120,000). While the savings may be just below US$4,000 per year, it offers affluent families in Hong Kong an opportunity to give their children international school education.


China, Affordable International Schools:

The rising middle class in China, coupled with the large population, makes it one of the largest markets for international schools in Asia. Due to the expensive tuition fees charged by the international schools, expatriates and local families alike are looking towards private or national schools that offer international departments. The benefit of such schools is to give children the best of both worlds.


  1. Fudan International School

Fudan International SchoolFudan International School is one such national school in Shanghai that offers an international department within the High School. It is affiliated with Shanghai’s most prestigious university, Fudan University. The curriculum is US-based with an international focus. The small class sizes also benefit students with more personalised and focused attention from the teachers.

The annual tuition fee is US$5,000, which is a far cry from the usual tuition fees ranging from US$29,679 to US$34,687. Students get to learn in an international environment without their parents having to shell out a tremendous sum of money to pay for their education.


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