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List of International Schools in Munich

List of International Schools Munich - Reviews & Ratings

Munich is the third most populated city in Germany, after Berlin and Hamburg. It is the capital city of Bavaria and the heart of the well-known Oktoberfest.

Munich has around 1.5 million inhabitants and is located close to the Alps, in central Europe. It’s a comfortable city surrounded by amazing forests and towns; if you like skiing, you can easily reach many ski areas from the city centre.

Despite the frequent cold weather in winter, often reaching minus degrees Celsius, Munich is not a grey city. There are many blue-sky days; when combined with the white snow of the Alps, the greenery of trees and forests, and the beautiful lakes and rivers outside and within the city limits, an extraordinary and beautiful landscape can be taken in.

Bavaria, and in particular Munich, is one of the wealthiest areas of Germany. The city is a major centre for arts, technology, finance, publishing, culture, innovation, education, business, and tourism throughout Germany and Europe. Some of the profitable multinational German conglomerates’ headquarters, like BMW or SIEMENS, are located in Munich. Also, the European Patent Office and other industrial companies as Airbus, are handled from Munich. It attracts visitors, but also expats, who join these companies.

The rigorous German spirit is slightly lower in Bavaria. However, it is a very well organised and safe environment, ideal for raising children. The official language of instruction in public schools is German, so international education is almost the only option for expat families. However, German is taught in all schools and children will be exposed to the language daily, which allows them to learn quickly and without much effort.

There are not many International Schools in Munich, and their locations are not always central. The school you choose might affect the area you live, or vice-versa. Please take a look at the schools listed at SCHOOL IN and their location on the map to have a better idea.

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