A+ World Academy – A rigorous program of experiential learning

To solve the ever-evolving complex global challenges, we must look further than developing skills and competencies that cross several disciplines. We need to become innovative thinkers, excellent problem solvers, great team players and develop resilience in the face of adversity. Does our current education system foster such growth in our youngsters and prepare them to be such leaders, innovators and collaborators? Educators world-wide realize that this requires a major cultural shift in our thinking and the way we approach education.

A+ World Academy, a boarding school for junior, senior and gap year students, is challenging the status quo and is building an educational model that will help develop our future global leaders. The school provides an experiential learning environment where students live and learn together to solve real world problems through active engagement. They experiment, ask questions, learn to exercise grit, learn to become resourceful, and develop presence. Most importantly they learn to take risks, learn to fail and persevere, all while solving real world issues that are incorporated into their course work.

Imagine as a high school student, your classroom and dormitory are the world’s oldest fully rigged tall ship (SS Sørlandet), with a community of 64 fellow students from all over the world, 6 teachers and a sailing crew of 12 professionals. In addition to your academic responsibilities, you play an active part in the operations of the ship. You are assigned day and night watches that include cleaning, maintenance, sail manoeuvring, helming, lookout, galley and safety rounds when at port or on course to one of the 15+ ports you will touch during the school year. You and your ship mates live the principles of safely staying the course, keeping your academic and ship commitments with the motto Ship, Shipmate, Self. This maritime honor code could very well be the code of life itself. You learn that your ship and your journey is founded on teamwork; as you progress on your ten-month journey, you meld into your team and become a part of the larger ship family.

Our unique program presents real-life political, social and environmental choices. Students come from various countries, various ethnic, religious, cultural and economic backgrounds. Onboard the ship they live close to one another and must learn to communicate with each other, work as a team, and show consideration, empathy and solidarity. A+ World Academy teaches its students to develop grit, resilience, and perseverance. While on shore the amazing activities they participate in exposes them to real life challenges people face around the world. Whether they are cleaning the beaches at Cabo Verde with local students, climbing a volcano in Tenerife, studying the urban water crisis in Cape Town or diving with whale sharks in St. Helena, they are learning to independently and responsibly understand and respond to social, ethical, political and environmental challenges. Back onboard the ship in addition to attending regular classes (AP Capstone courses), students take part in night and day watches and daily duties that help them develop life skills such as time management, work-ethic, and team work. They overcome challenges daily, strengthening their character and building self-confidence.

A+ World Academy students learn to live and thrive as a community. They excel both on a personal and communal level. They push their boundaries and learn to be the best version of themselves. All this while crossing the Atlantic. Is your child up for the challenge?

*A+ World Academy has already begun enrolling students for the 2020/2021 academic year. All interested parties should email admissions@aplusworldacademy.org and visit our website (www.aplusworldacademy.org) for more information.

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