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Ascensión Tejedor

Ascension Tejedor,
the founder of SCHOOL IN, International Schools Reviews & Ratings

I strongly believe that education makes a difference to people’s lives; it opens a world of opportunities to those who have access to it.

As both a mother and daughter, I believe that education is the best gift that parents can provide for their children.

Education shapes our children, it changes the way they learn and teaches them to be independent. It also shapes their values, beliefs, behaviours and ultimately,
the type of person they will become.

In the past, international schools were only an option for expatriates, but nowadays, there is also a growing number of local parents who are choosing an
international school education for their children. The result is a growing number of international schools worldwide, offering parents more alternatives but making their decision more difficult.

With more than 300 international schools in Dubai, 160 in Shanghai and 140 in Beijing, the choice for parents can be overwhelming.

By providing insights, reviews and ratings for the extensive list of international schools, SCHOOL IN becomes the essential tool for parents all over the world.

This is the beginning of SCHOOL IN and its purpose: to help parents make informed decisions on schools for their children, thus contributing to the educational system and its brighter future.

Hopefully, you share this vision with me. If so, please sign up and start contributing with your reviews. Together, we can make the difference that we are looking for.

Thank you.

What we do

At SCHOOL IN you can find personalised recommendations from parents
who know the international schools that you are interested in.


Reviews are solely based on the real-world experiences of parents, alumni, and employees of the school.


Get valuable insights on over 600 international schools around the world from verified stakeholders.


Connect with other parents and share advice to learn from each other’s experience.


María Vergara

Parent of three children

“SCHOOL IN has helped me to choose the best school for my sons! It is a very handy website with real reviews that will help you in making the right choice for your children’s education in Singapore. It is a must to include SCHOOL IN as part of your research when you are planning to move to Singapore or to change your children’s school.“

Sabrina Tosi

Parent of two children

“I truly believe that SCHOOL IN is a powerful tool, not only for all the information and links about different schools in Singapore that are gathered in one place, but also because it is an independent, non-biased, non-school-fed website. It is made by parents for parents! The emphasis in SCHOOL IN prioritise parents’ comments which hopefully will grow in numbers to make this tool even more valuable.”

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