High School Options

When should a student begin to think about getting into college?

High school is essential for students as they prepare for college and the workforce. International schools offer students a unique set of options, providing them with a global perspective and a chance to study in a multicultural environment.

When it comes to planning for college admission, it is essential to start early. Ideally, the right time to begin planning is when a student is about to enter high school. This means researching colleges and universities, taking necessary standardized tests, and building a solid academic and extracurricular profile.

One option for international students is to attend a school that follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. The IB program is a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for college and the workforce. It is recognized by universities worldwide and can give students an advantage in the college application process.

Another option is to attend a school that follows the national curriculum of the student’s home country. It can benefit students who plan to return home for college or want to maintain a connection to their cultural heritage.

US colleges

Additionally, consider the location of the college. For students who plan to attend college in the United States, attending a school that follows the American curriculum can allow them to become familiar with the American education system and culture.

Students should be looking at taking as many honors and AP classes as their schedule will allow and take advantage of opportunities at school for early preparation for standardized tests. Some schools offer practice PSAT or ACT testing before junior year, which helps students to learn which test they prefer and where to improve.

In addition to academic considerations, students need to consider extracurricular activities and community service. Many students also opt for or need to have part-time employment. All these can round out a student’s profile and demonstrate leadership and a commitment to service. Remember to strike a balance between hard work academically and in extracurricular activities and avoid stress or burnout due to over-scheduling.

UK universities

To apply to UK universities, students must complete an online application through UCAS, the centralized application service for UK universities. Be sure to submit your application and any required supporting documents, such as transcripts and test scores, by the deadline. The application should also include a personal statement, reference letter and CV. Students may also need to take standardized tests such as the UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) or the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT), depending on the program they are applying for.

Finally, international students can seek guidance from multiple sources to aid in the college planning process. Some recommended resources include school counselors, college admissions advisors, test preparation services, college fairs, non-profit organizations, and online resources such as CollegeBoard, Common App, and International Student.

Remember that it’s good to seek guidance from multiple sources to get a complete view of the college application process and to make informed decisions.

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