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Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city with around 5 million inhabitants; it is full of culture, folklore and beautiful buildings. The architecture is well known worldwide thanks to Antoni Gaudí and one of his most famous works: La Sagrada Familia Church. Barcelona is a modern city in the North East of Spain. It is one of the most vibrant and rich cities in the country; a mix of elegance and modernity surrounded by the Collserola mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea. Tibidabo is one of the highest points that offer striking views over the city.

Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games in 1992: a date that marks a turning point in the city’s history. It was always a great city, but the changes to infrastructure and renovations in the seaside neighborhoods completely updated the look of the city. It was left ready for modern times and needs.

The city consists of ten main districts, each of them with their own particular personality and style. Therefore, Barcelona is very dynamic and varied; from the historic centre and contemporary layout of L’Eixample and Gracia to the narrow streets of the Barrio Gotico and the charismatic Barceloneta, to the cultural district of Montjuic.

Barcelona also offers delicious local gastronomy, a fusion of Mediterranean flavors and dishes with revolutionary Catalan techniques and touches of international inspiration.

Nowadays, Barcelona is one of the leading cities in Europe for touristic, economic, trade fair, cultural and artistic activities. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that expats in Barcelona have plenty of bilingual and high standard International schools to choose from. In fact, many of the International schools that teach British, American or IB curriculum have a student body predominantly made up of Spanish pupils.

By law International schools in Spain are obliged to teach either Spanish or a co-official language. In Barcelona, the options are Spanish or Catalan, as well as additional focus on local content in subjects such as history and geography.

Moving abroad is a great new opportunity, but it can also be challenging especially if you are moving with your children. This leads to the question: which school will suit you and your child?

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