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List of International Schools in Curriculum: Montessori Curriculum

List of International Schools in Singapore - Reviews & Ratings

Singapore is a bustling country with an open spirit that welcomes expats and diversity. Due to this spirit and its safe environment, Singapore has become one of the most attractive posts for the expat community. The country offers broad cultural, culinarian, and entertainment experiences, making it a great place to settle down.

For those who are new to Singapore, there are several ways to easily participate in associations and groups. Just to mention one, AWA (American Women Association,) is a sisterhood of women from around the world, who come together to enhance their Singapore experience through fun and fulfilling volunteer-run activities.

Another example is the SSWA (Spanish Speaking Women's Association) that provides a network of support for Spanish speaking women residing in Singapore with a simple but powerful mission to promote friendship and collaboration among women of any nationality that speaks Spanish.

There are more than 60 international schools in Singapore and every year new ones are added. As if this were not enough, just on the other side of the border in Malaysia, Johor Bahru adds even more international schools to the list of options.

In Singapore, you can find international schools that offer different curricula, from the traditional British Curriculum to the modern International Baccalaureate (IB), and others such as the American or US Curriculum, German, French or Japanese curricula to name a few.

The full offer ranges for all ages, from the cutest kindergartens for the youngest ones to the academically-competitive high schools for pre-university students.

It will come as no surprise that the different international schools in Singapore don’t just vary based on curricula and location, but also on the approaches to education, entry requirements, facilities, after-school activities and fees.

These schools are located all over Singapore, and some of them have more than one campus. Check our website for information on entry grades/location options, since some school websites don’t make it easy to find.

If budget is an important factor for you, remember that within the abundance of options available in Singapore, there are also some affordable schools. In particular, some of the new international schools, which were recently opened in Singapore, are focused on this detail.
Naturally, the huge number of options might overwhelm some parents when looking for the best school for their kids. To make an informed and confident decision, make sure you read through our reviews to get real-world information from other parents that you will not find on any other website.

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