Welcome to the Integrated International School in sunny Singapore

Integrated International School: IIS is built on the principle that every child is capable of success, reaching far beyond the standard definition.

Redefining success is not just our motto, but a living reality for everyone’s journey at the Integrated International School (IIS). Founded by our Principal, Dr. Vanessa Von Auer, a leading clinical psychologist in South East Asia, our school teaches students the importance of self-belief, confidence, individuality and above all else, happiness. These values allow students to pave the way for their own journey of success. We take great pride in providing an inclusive environment, with two educational approaches: mainstream and supported learning.

Integrated International School

At IIS, we offer unique facilities, such as our interactive multi-sensory Ocean Snoezelen room. While our enviable high teacher-to-student ratio (1:6) and dedicated in-house support staff and services also make it possible for us to tailor our teaching to accommodate students with different learning styles and/or learning difficulties.




Integrated International School: Inclusive Learning Environment

When you walk through the doors of IIS, you’ll discover a safe, nurturing sanctuary for students, parents and families as they join our integrated community. Our students are nurtured in a caring and stimulating setting, where they can develop positive, caring and honest relationships. They will feel loved, respected, and an important part of our school community.

Our IIS syllabus is built upon the foundations of the Australian curriculum; we recognise that each child is different, and the curriculum is therefore designed to be flexible. It provides leeway for educators to develop bespoke programmes to accommodate each student, while also challenging them to achieve more.

If any student is struggling academically, behaviourally, emotionally or socially, our teachers are highly trained to identify when a child needs additional support. The big advantage of our smaller class sizes is that it allows for teachers to prepare and apply the appropriate action needed to support our students.

The increased one-to-one attention also means that teachers can immediately reassess if the learning or behavioural strategies are effective. If not, they will communicate with our support staff and work together on a new programme.


Integrated International School: Purpose Built Facilities

Our uniquely designed Ocean Snoezelen sensory room is a must see! We are very proud of our “Ocean Room”; a unique, multi-sensory environment that provides our students with stimulation and relaxation through the use of smell, touch, sound, colour, and light. Take time to watch the fish swim by as you listen to calming waves or play with colourful fibre optic tentacles as you discover an endless stream of mesmerising bubbles!

Integrated International School

You’ll see one of our most popular spaces is the Occupational Therapy gym, with bright, colourful swings, cosy hammocks, climbing ladders and a slide. It’s a wonderful, fun space that improves students gross and fine motor skills, enhances their confidence and lets them learn through play. In addition, our in-house support staff have private suites to provide counselling, speech and Naturalistic Applied Behaviour Analysis (NABA) therapy sessions.


Please feel free to get in touch with our Admissions team at [email protected] or call +65 6466-4475 for more information. We invite you to discover our school and become a part of our IIS family!

School: https://schoolinreviews.com/school/iis-integrated-international-school/ Website: www.iis.edu.sg Facebook & Instagram: IntegratedInternationalSchool

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